Wednesday, September 28th 2016

Why Hire a Web Designer from San Luis Obispo?


The world is full of web designers but finding someone good who you can trust can be quite a challenge.

I often speak with small business owners who share the same problem. They’re looking for someone to help them get their business website online but they have no idea what to do and they lack the technical experience to make a sound decision.

Hiring a web designer from out of state or out of the country can often save some money in the short term. Outsourcing websites like Elance, oDesk, Get a Coder and others have thousands of web designers from around the world who are ready to take on a new project in the blink of an eye but before you hire some low-cost Indian guy to build your website I would highly recommend that you speak with a web designer from San Luis Obispo County first.

Having worked with web designers and clients from all over the world I can tell you that your average web designer from San Luis Obispo is far superior (in many ways) to others. If you want to fully appreciate the value of hiring a S.L.O. web designer you should think of this as a multidimensional issue that goes way beyond the initial price.

Your business website is much more than just an item on your marketing checklist. A successful website (one that helps your business bring in more leads) is more like a garden that needs regular attention, thoughtful management and ongoing care in order to produce real value and return for your business. The “fruits” of your labor.

Before you go out and hire an unknown Indian outsourcing company please think about the incredible benefits you’ll get when working with a local web designer from San Luis Obispo. Superior quality, unbeatable service and attention to detail are just a few of the many factors you’re likely to find.

The best tip I can offer the small business owner who is shopping for a web designer is this: Remember that set-up price is important but your RETURN ON INVESTMENT is the most important consideration.

For more advice about choosing the right web designer please get in touch and I’ll be happy to personally discuss your project and your options with you. We don’t take on every project these days and sometimes other web design companies are better suited for certain work but I can promise you an honest and thorough review of your project as part of our FREE Expert Consultation.


Alex Badasci

Alex Badasci is the owner of Studio Creek Web Design. Studio Creek specializes in professional websites and online marketing. Please call 888.4.A.WEBSITE or complete the call-back request form on the side of this page to take advantage of our FREE Expert Consultation.

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Paso Robles Business Unveils New Website Design

We Help You Legal Web Design in Paso RoblesWe’re pleased to announce the launch of a new website for We Help You Legal in Paso Robles. If you need affordable legal document assistance with living trusts & wills, incorporations & LLC filings, divorce and family law matters then We Help You Legal has you covered.

We Help You Legal has three convenient Central Coast locations including a branch office at 1006 Vine Street in Paso Robles, 3594 Broad Street in San Luis Obispo and 716 East Brand Avenue in Arroyo Grande.

Fore more details about We Help You Legal and to view the new web design, please visit

We provide professional website services to California’s Central Coast, including Web Design in Paso Robles, Atascadero, San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara and beyond. Check out our Web Design Plans & Pricing for Details.

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Google TV… Delivering The Web Like Never Before

Google TV For Small Business WebsitesDid you know that there are over 5 billion TVs in use today? This is more than the number of mobile phones and computers combined and Google wants to revolutionize the TV in new and exciting ways with Google TV.

With the ability to use your mobile phone as a controller, Google TV will offer a whole new way to interact with your favorite shows, movies, and media. But that’s not all. Perhaps the most exciting detail is the fact that Google will open up the entire Google TV platform to 3rd party developers the same way they did for the Android operating system. Google sums up this great potential on their website… “the coolest thing about Google TV is that we don’t even know what the coolest thing about it will be…”

What does Google TV mean for small business owners? Well, first and foremost it means that the web will be permeating more and more people’s everyday lives like never before. Imagine sitting back on your couch and being able to watch whatever you want… whenever you want. View local cable or satellite television, stream videos from YouTube and other movie websites, perform voice search and navigate through the search results on screen without your clumsy keyboard or mouse. Find, watch and record anything you want at any time you want and connect with your favorite content in ways you’ve never done before. This is the vision Google has with Google TV and it’s poised to reshape the way we treat our most beloved living room devices… our televisions.

With the rise of Google TV, small business owners who utilize their websites for connecting with customers will have an entirely new way of connecting with them online. Google Adwords, which already lets you manage campaigns for text, banner, radio and tv ads will evolve to let you show targeted video ads to your customers in ways that were impossible until now.

Of all the trends that have taken place over the last 10 years, one thing has remained the same. Things always change. The web continues to become more useful and more ubiquitous and the tools we rely on are gradually getting better over time. For small business owners who rely on their websites to connect with customers Google TV is sure to offer new and excising ways to connect like never before.

For more information about Google TV, please visit and if you need some assistance using these new technologies in an effective way, consider contacting us to see how we can help.

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Googles Embraces 3D & Buys Quicksee

Google is reportedly buying Israeli startup Quicksee which is also known as MentorWave Technologies, for an estimated $10 million.

Quicksee creates the technology that can power new 3D video tour software that can be embedded into Google Maps. The resulting effect is similar to what you see in Google Street View but will enhance the experience to a 3D platform. The exciting new technology allows users to use a regular video camera along with the Quicksee software and transforms the video into 3D.

Google has yet to confirm the purchase of Quicksee and has not commented on what plans they have for integrating 3D technology in the future, but this purchase should be viewed as the first major step toward a new roll-out of 3D enhancements. This technology could potentially allow Google Maps to accept geo-tagged, 3D panoramas uploaded by consumers.

Critics have already expressed skepticism of the new 3D plans, especially when considering the current debate over privacy online, but rest assured that any foray into the 3D realm by a heavyweight like Google is sure to inject excitement into the developing 3D industry.

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Google updates search with “Google Instant”

Google has recently updated its search capability with “Google Instant” which uses 15 new search technologies to display results as users type their search terms.

“Google Instant” builds upon the company’s autocompletion search technology by executing the top suggested query and returning results with each keystroke.

According to Google, people read about 10 times faster than they type, which means they can scan a results page while they type.

“You get to the right content much faster than before because you don’t have to finish typing your full search term, or even press search,” Google said in a blog post.

The idea is that seeing results as they type will help users to formulate a better search term by providing instant feedback.

“You can now adapt your search on the fly, until the results match exactly what you want,” said Google.

Google Instant will shave between two and five seconds off the average search, according to Google research, although it is not yet available for mobile devices.

The new approach to search is being rolled out to Google account holders and users in the coming weeks, but may require a browser update.

Google Instant will work only with Chrome v5 and v6, Firefox v3, Safari v5 for Mac or Internet Explorer v8.

The first countries to get Google Instant will be the US, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Russia.

Google plans to make Google Instant available worldwide in the months ahead, and for mobile devices a few months later.

In China, where search suggestions are blocked because they might point people to politically sensitive information, Google said the service is likely to be available through the company’s Hong Kong search site.

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