Sunday, September 25th 2016

Why Hire a Web Designer from San Luis Obispo?


The world is full of web designers but finding someone good who you can trust can be quite a challenge.

I often speak with small business owners who share the same problem. They’re looking for someone to help them get their business website online but they have no idea what to do and they lack the technical experience to make a sound decision.

Hiring a web designer from out of state or out of the country can often save some money in the short term. Outsourcing websites like Elance, oDesk, Get a Coder and others have thousands of web designers from around the world who are ready to take on a new project in the blink of an eye but before you hire some low-cost Indian guy to build your website I would highly recommend that you speak with a web designer from San Luis Obispo County first.

Having worked with web designers and clients from all over the world I can tell you that your average web designer from San Luis Obispo is far superior (in many ways) to others. If you want to fully appreciate the value of hiring a S.L.O. web designer you should think of this as a multidimensional issue that goes way beyond the initial price.

Your business website is much more than just an item on your marketing checklist. A successful website (one that helps your business bring in more leads) is more like a garden that needs regular attention, thoughtful management and ongoing care in order to produce real value and return for your business. The “fruits” of your labor.

Before you go out and hire an unknown Indian outsourcing company please think about the incredible benefits you’ll get when working with a local web designer from San Luis Obispo. Superior quality, unbeatable service and attention to detail are just a few of the many factors you’re likely to find.

The best tip I can offer the small business owner who is shopping for a web designer is this: Remember that set-up price is important but your RETURN ON INVESTMENT is the most important consideration.

For more advice about choosing the right web designer please get in touch and I’ll be happy to personally discuss your project and your options with you. We don’t take on every project these days and sometimes other web design companies are better suited for certain work but I can promise you an honest and thorough review of your project as part of our FREE Expert Consultation.


Alex Badasci

Alex Badasci is the owner of Studio Creek Web Design. Studio Creek specializes in professional websites and online marketing. Please call 888.4.A.WEBSITE or complete the call-back request form on the side of this page to take advantage of our FREE Expert Consultation.

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