Saturday, October 1st 2016

Googles Embraces 3D & Buys Quicksee

Google is reportedly buying Israeli startup Quicksee which is also known as MentorWave Technologies, for an estimated $10 million.

Quicksee creates the technology that can power new 3D video tour software that can be embedded into Google Maps. The resulting effect is similar to what you see in Google Street View but will enhance the experience to a 3D platform. The exciting new technology allows users to use a regular video camera along with the Quicksee software and transforms the video into 3D.

Google has yet to confirm the purchase of Quicksee and has not commented on what plans they have for integrating 3D technology in the future, but this purchase should be viewed as the first major step toward a new roll-out of 3D enhancements. This technology could potentially allow Google Maps to accept geo-tagged, 3D panoramas uploaded by consumers.

Critics have already expressed skepticism of the new 3D plans, especially when considering the current debate over privacy online, but rest assured that any foray into the 3D realm by a heavyweight like Google is sure to inject excitement into the developing 3D industry.

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